martedì 27 settembre 2011

Chi va con lo Zoppo... non perde i nuovi concerti dei FLEET FOXES!


Giovedì 17 Novembre 2011 -Roma – ATLANTICO LIVE
Viale Dell’Oceano Artlantico, 271
Apertura porte Ore: 19.30 - Inizio Concerto Ore: 21.00
prezzo del biglietto: 25 euro + diritti di Prevendita

Sabato 19 Novembre 2011- Bologna – ESTRAGON
Via Stalingrado, 83
Apertura porte Ore: 20.00 - Inizio Concerto Ore: 21.00
prezzo del biglietto: 25 euro + diritti di Prevendita

Domenica 20 Novembre 2011- Milano – TEATRO SMERALDO
Piazza 25 Aprile, 10
Apertura porte Ore: 20.00 - Inizio Concerto Ore: 21.00
prezzo del biglietto:
poltronissima centrale numerata: 37 euro + diritti di prevendita
poltronissima laterale numerata: 32 euro + diritti di preventia
poltrona numerata: 32 euro + diritti di prevendita
prima balconata: 27 euro + diritti di prevendita
seconda balconata: 22 euro + diritti di prevendita

e le magnifiche recensioni UK….

This album is destined to redraw the parameters, thanks to its sheer scale and detail, and its creators’ refusal to settle for less than they could achieve… This is the great American adventure to end them all.”

MOJO – 5 Stars ***** (Album of the Month)

“With Helplessness Blues, Fleet Foxes triumphantly deliver on the promise of their popular debut… What ' s most impressive about this follow-up is the way that the group manage to make giant strides creatively without jettisoning their core sound.”

The Independent – 5 Stars ***** (CD of the Week)

“Glorious… universal and timeless”

Uncut – 4 Stars **** (Album Of The Month)

“The sheer attention to detail is dizzying… it ' s an overwhelmingly gorgeous experience.”

The Independent On Sunday – 5 Stars ***** (CD of the Week)

“Helplessness Blues retains all the bewitching hallmarks that made their debut so special, with added depth and variety… Helplessness Blues already sounds like the album that will propel Fleet Foxes to the kind of award-winning success enjoyed by Arcade Fire.”

Daily Mail – 5 Stars *****

“Harmonies almost heartbreaking in their perfection… Fleet Foxes second album has to it a shimmering beauty that at times takes your breath away.”

Sunday Times – 4 Stars **** (CD of the Week)

“Sublime… ‘Helplessness Blues’ is as good a second album as we dared dream it would be.

The Fly – 4 Stars **** (Album of the Month)

“Both mysterious and inviting, Helplessness Blues retains and expands what made their debut so special.”

Q – 4 Stars ****

“All the ingredients that made the first album special are still there, but this time Fleet Foxes have developed a fuller,richer, bigger sound.”

Sunday Telegraph – 5 Stars *****

“bigger, bolder, and every bit as brilliant as their debut”

The Sun – 5 Stars *****

“A melodically sophisticated, harmonically rich, lyrically reflective collection of songs… Has the charm and enduring power of the great hippy albums of the late 60s and early 70s… This is ambitious music that doesn’t let complexity get in the way of melody.”

The Times – 4 Stars **** (CD of the Week)

“Fleet Foxes second album is disarmingly beautiful… They play to and refine their strengths… the melodies just appear to be dripping from them.”

The Guardian – 4 Stars **** (CD of the Week)

“Helplessness Blues triumphs through sheer musical beauty.”

The Telegraph – 4 Stars **** (CD of the Week)

“Album of the year bar Elbow…”

Nuts – 5 Stars ****

Helplessness Blues is vocalist-songwriter Robin Pecknold ' s dazzling evocation of early-Seventies rock Eden ”

Rolling Stone – 4 Stars ****

“A folk scene containing Fleet Foxes is like a 100m race containing Usain Bolt: everyone else is competing for second place”

Evening Standard – 4 Stars ****

“Contains marvels and swirling rapture aplenty.”

The Mirror – 4 Stars ****

“This is personal, secular music that assumes a near-spiritual depth.”

Time Out – 4 Stars ****

“Beautifully crafted.. a rewarding album.”

Financial Times – 4 Stars ****

“a triumphant follow-up to a blockbuster debut… the record showcases the band ' s expanded range and successful risk-taking, while retaining what so many people fell in love with about the group in the first place.”

Pitchfork – 8.8

Helplessness Blues is a thoughtful, elegant record.”

The Observer (CD of the Week)

“Helplessness Blues builds on their 2008 debut and includes a few new influences.”

Music Week (Album of the Week)

“The group has raised its game considerably… This is a questing body of songs.

WORD magazine

“an album that scales epic new heights.”


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